Our History

Dundas st looking west, Woodstock, ON

The History of Jamieson-Hilts

In the early 1900’s (1918?), D.J. McClellan, at a young age, joined Kneale Insurance and Real Estate. He purchased the business from Mr. Kneale (year unknown), changed the name to McClellan Insurance and Real Estate. The business was operated at 497 Dundas Street. The phone number was ‘#4′.

In 1951, Ken Hilts left a teaching position (an English teacher at WCI) and joined Mr. McClellan’s firm. A few years later, he purchased the business from Mr. McClellan and changed the name to McClellan and Hilts Insurance and Real Estate. In 1955, Mr. Hilts purchased the building at 513 and 515 Dundas Street and shortly thereafter moved the business to 513 Dundas Street. 515 Dundas Street was occupied by a children’s clothing store.

In 1951, D.J. McClellan was 70 years of age.

In 1957, Jim Jamieson joined McClellan and Hilts to manage the Insurance Division.

In 1968, Jim Jamieson purchased the Insurance Division and called it Jamieson-Hilts Insurance Agency Limited and operated at 513 Dundas Street. Ken Hilts continued to own the Real Estate Division and kept the name McClellan and Hilts and operated at 515 Dundas Street.

In 1973, Jamieson-Hilts Insurance Agency purchased Sawtell Brothers General Insurance, which was established in 1865 and was operating at 527 Dundas Street. This business was moved to Jamieson-Hilts at 513 Dundas Street.

In 1983 (September), Jim McNamara joined Jamieson-Hilts with the intention of purchasing the business sometime in the future.

In 1985, Jamieson-Hilts purchased another long-standing insurance business – Coles Brothers Insurance.

In 1989 (November 1st), Jim McNamara purchased Jamieson-Hilts Insurance Brokers Limited from Jim Jamieson and continued business at 513 Dundas Street.

In January of 1992, Jamieson-Hilts purchased the Personal Lines and Commercial Book of Business from Clarence King Insurance Brokers.

In 1996, McClellan and Hilts Real Estate was sold, which vacated 515 Dundas Street.

In the Fall of 1996, Jamieson-Hilts expanded and took over the main floor of 515 Dundas Street, now occupying the main floor of 513 and 515 Dundas Street, as well as the second floor of 513 Dundas Street.

On November 1, 2005, Shawn McNamara and Nicole Kirchner purchased Jamieson-Hilts Insurance Brokers Limited from their father, Jim McNamara. Shawn and Nicole now carry on the family business at 513 Dundas Street.