Our Community

We Work Here, We Live Here, We Play Here.
Supporting the community that supports us.

Most, if not all of us that make up Jamieson-Hilts were born and raised in Oxford County. We went to high school here, had our first part-time job at a local business, and are raising families in this community now. We know what life is like for those of us in Woodstock and Oxford County and we know what is important to this community.
It has always been our motto to spend our money in the community where we make it – that’s why we believe so strongly in giving back and supporting organizations and members within Woodstock and Oxford County. Although the Jamieson-Hilts team has always jointly supported larger organizations such as the Lung Association, Canadian Cancer Society and the MS Society, we focus our attention and funding support on local organizations. Over the years, Jamieson-Hilts has supported such projects and organizations as:

In addition to financially supporting local sports and charities, many of our staff are personally invested in organizations through their volunteer work – sitting on community boards, volunteering at charity events and coaching organized sports teams. We want the best for this community and will help out wherever we can to make sure Oxford County is the place to work, live and play for generations to come.