Cyber Liability Insurance, Woodstock, ON

Can you afford a data breach? Cyber liability insurance could save you from a major financial setback.

A data breach can happen to just about anyone, regardless of the care, commitment and experience of your IT department. Can you afford to deal with the backlash from one simple mis-click or compromised download? Here at Jamieson-Hilts Insurance Brokers Ltd., we earnestly believe that every business, big or small, should have cyber liability insurance if they do anything online. Unless you do everything manually and do not even have a website or email, you are at risk, and the financial ramifications of a data breach can be anything from a nuisance to financial ruin.

Cyber Liability Insurance in Woodstock, Ontario

We take the time to assess the risk involved based on your business operations so that we can provide the right cyber liability insurance coverage for your needs. We’ll review the standard coverages for liability and expense coverage, as well as any special coverages that apply to your situation. We understand that cyber liability insurance is one of the more complex coverages available, but we’ll make sure you understand what your policy covers and what it doesn’t.

While cyber liability insurance is not a substitute for careful and attentive data security processes, it does give you an extra layer of protection for cyber risks so that your company is not adversely affected financially due to business interruption and other hazards. When you consider that a single data breach can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to millions, it makes sense to have this critical coverage.

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