Keep burglars out! (Part 1)

Keep burglars out! (Part 1)
Is there anything you could be doing to help combat this alarming statistic? Of course, you could (and should) install a security system in your home, which can be very effective, but isn’t always an option financially, and even with a system installed, there is no guarantee that it will stop intruders when they know that no one is home. For those of you without a security system, here’s some more free or very inexpensive ways to help burglar proof your house without breaking the bank, and if you do have a system, these ideas can also help increase the security of your home.

  1. Take your name off the mailbox
    By removing your name off the mailbox, would be thieves can’t call information to get your phone number. Many burglars will call a house they are planning on robbing before hand to make sure that no one is home. Also, bring in your mail as quickly as possible so they can’t get your name off of this as well.
  2. Be careful what you put in your trash or recycling
    If you just purchased high-end items such as a big screen TV, you shouldn’t just put the box out at the curb. Instead break down the box and when possible, try to fit it inside your recycle box. Other high risk items you might have in your trash/recycling are billing or bank statements. Criminals can steal these and use them to open new accounts in your name. It’s always better to be safe than sorry in these situations so take the time to cut up or shred important documents.
  3. Your ringing telephones
    Before you go on a trip, it’s best to turn down the volume of your phone, or if you can turn it to silent while you’re away, even better! Criminals have been known to roam the streets listening for loud rings that are not answered, since this is a sure sign that no one is home.
  4. Take in your outdoor tools
    Don’t leave the ladder outside after cleaning out the gutters. It is really important you bring these items inside, at a minimum to a closed garage when you are done. If you leave a ladder outside, you are giving would be robbers an easy way to climb in through an open upstairs window.
  5. Trim your trees and bushes
    Hedges and trees commonly line around the house and go right by the front door. Although these look lovely to the homeowner, they are also appealing to criminals. These landscaping beauties work perfectly as hiding places for someone to wait for you to come outside for a second to get your mail or walk the dog. If you keep these items trimmed well enough, no one will be able to successfully hideout in your yard.
  6. Lock-up when you go out
    Make sure to shut and lock any windows you regularly keep open. Criminals will watch for open windows when cars are leaving the driveway. These are the ideal entry point since they will not have to risk causing a noisy break in. Your safest bet is to keep windows closed as much as possible on the ground levels of your house even when you are at home. This will give the impression to criminals that they will never have a chance to get in.
  7. Don’t hide a spare key
    Many of us have done this in fear of getting locked out. Whether it’s under a rock a few feet away from the door or somewhere behind a bush in your backyard, desperate criminals are going to be looking. The best idea if you are afraid of being locked out is to leave a key with a trusted neighbor, co-worker, or friend that you would be able to contact quickly if you got locked out.

I’ll have more great ideas to burglar proof your house for you next time, so stay tuned…

Take time to take care.

Ron Lapointe

Registered Broker

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