Top Three Benefits of Choosing a Local Insurance Brokerage

Top Three Benefits of Choosing a Local Insurance Brokerage
Not only is insurance a good idea, but in cases such as auto insurance, we are required to have it. This is one reason why there are so many insurance brokerages out there. So how do you know which brokerage to go with? Here at Jamieson-Hilts Insurance Brokers Ltd., we believe there are many benefits of choosing a local insurance brokerage to help you find insurance.

  1. Insider knowledge One of the major benefits of a local insurance brokerage is that your broker understands situations specific to your area. They know the local weather patterns and common neighborhood issues, so they can help you create a policy that is best for you tailored for localized risks, such as flooding or fire.
  2. Strong relationship – When you go with a large brokerage, you often end up calling in to a large call center where you rarely speak with the same person twice. With a local insurance brokerage, we’re located just around the corner and our brokers are out and about in the same community as you. Your broker will be invested in providing the best coverage and will regularly review your policy to make sure it is still best product for your unique situation.
  3. Multiple coverage options – Instead of going through multiple brokers for home, auto, and commercial insurance, your local insurance brokerage can help protect all your assets in one place. You can go to the same person for any incident that may arise and you can often receive discounts for bundling your policies.

When you want a great local insurance broker, choose the brokerage with a history and experience you can rely on. Here at Jamieson-Hilts Insurance Brokers Ltd., we have been serving our community since 1865. We look forward to serving you too.