What Does Farm Insurance Cover?

help farmers everywhere protect their investment in the land with farm insurance

“Losing the farm” is such a historically tragic event that it has become a vernacular phrase people relate to when they lose a great deal. For generations, farming was something that the majority of people did not only to feed their families, but to make their living as well. Without successful farming, many people could face bankruptcy and starvation. Nowadays, farming is much safer with people having other options for food if a crop fails. Even though they might lose some income, chances of starvation and bankruptcy are much, much lower for farmers these days. Here at Jamieson-Hilts Insurance Brokers Ltd., we actually help farmers everywhere protect their investment in the land with farm insurance. What exactly does farm insurance cover? Let’s take a look.

  • Property- One of the biggest things that farm insurance covers is property. Whether you live on a farmhouse on the property or you need protection for all your farm outbuildings, farm insurance will generally protect the structures contained within the acreage of the farm, including outbuildings, processing plants, barns, etc.
  • Crops & Livestock- While some farmers mix and match and others choose one or the other, farm insurance usually covers both crops and livestock. For instance, your farm insurance will protect you if the weather is terrible one year and your livestock perishes or a blight ruins your crops.
  • Liability- Farms are dangerous places! With livestock, heavy-duty machinery and workers, an injury is always a possibility. Farm insurance covers protection from liability should someone injure themselves on your farm property.

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