Why Does Your Auto Insurance Company Give a Discount for Winter Tires?

It is always a shame when someone pays more for their auto insurance than they need to, especially when there are things you can do to lower your premium and save you money. One of the discounts that many Canadians miss is offered for putting winter tires on their vehicle. You might be wondering why your insurance company would reward you for doing something you’d want to do anyway, but there are surprising benefits to installing winter tires that extend beyond your safety or extending the life of your summer tires.

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The main reason they are willing to give you a discount is because specialized snow tires are designed to grip the road in inclement weather so that your chances of an accident on icy, snow-covered, and wet roads are greatly reduced. Paying out for accidents isn’t something your auto insurance company wants to do, so it makes sense they’d encourage the use of winter tires.

It might seem like extra money to buy two sets of tires for your vehicle, but your summer tires and winter tires will both last twice as long, so it is no different than wearing out one set and then buying a new set. Furthermore, the added cost of winter tires is offset by the discount offered by the auto insurance company, and there is great value in knowing you are safer driving around during the winter.

If you would like to know what you can save by switching to winter tires this year, give us a call at Jamieson-Hilts Insurance Brokers Ltd. We understand that securing proper auto insurance at the lowest rates for the coverages you require can be a complicated process. We’ve been providing auto insurance solutions in the Woodstock, Ontario area since 1865, so you can be confident we’ll help find you any discounts that apply to your policy. Call us today to learn more.