RV Insurance, Woodstock, ON

RV insurance – do you need it or not? We have the answer!

The more an action is outside the norm, the more chance there is for something unexpected to occur. Since you aren’t driving your RV as much as your commuter vehicle, you won’t have the same level of confidence and expertise behind the wheel. The subject of RV insurance can be confusing, as there is a fair share of misinformation out there regarding what is required by law and what type of policy is needed. At Jamieson-Hilts Insurance Brokers Ltd., we are happy to answer your questions and discuss whether RV insurance is right for your situation.

RV Insurance in Woodstock, Ontario

One of the factors that dictates the necessity for RV insurance is whether you own a towed trailer or a motorcoach. While both need to be registered and insurance is required on motor vehicles, separate RV insurance on a towed trailer depends on the province in which you are registering it. In some areas, it can be carried as part of your regular auto insurance policy, but that isn’t always the case.

If this sounds confusing, trust that we have been in the insurance industry since 1865 and can assist you in determining if you need RV insurance, as well as reasons why you should have it even if it is not required. We’ll also discuss how RV insurance works, so you know what you are covered for and that you have the right coverage amounts for your situation.

Contact us today to get the answers you need to make an informed decision about RV insurance, so when you head for the lake or elsewhere in the Woodstock, Ontario area, you can have peace of mind that you have the best coverage possible.