Cottage Insurance, Woodstock, ON

We’ll help you get the best cottage insurance coverage for your needs.

Whether you own a cottage as an investment property or a vacation home, it is important to have the appropriate cottage insurance. Here at Jamieson-Hilts Insurance Brokers Ltd., we have been assisting our clients in the Woodstock, Ontario area with their insurance needs since 1865. We take the time to understand how you use your cottage so that you have the appropriate type of cottage insurance.

Cottage Insurance in Woodstock, Ontario

We will discuss how frequently you use your property, whether it is leased out when you aren’t using it, and how a named perils policy differs from a comprehensive one so that you know what risks are covered. Cottage insurance is different than the coverage you have on your primary residence because part-time occupancy affects the overall insurance risk. To choose the insurance company and cottage insurance policy that are right for you, we’ll be sure to consider your budget, contents, other structures, watercraft on the property, and other contributing factors. We work for you, not the insurance companies, so you can be confident we’ll find the right fit that’s in your best interests.

Some people opt out of carrying cottage insurance because they may not have a significant investment in a small cottage. However, your cottage insurance policy doesn’t just cover the physical property. When you have friends, family, or tenants staying at your cottage, you’ll still want to carry third-party liability coverage to protect you from an injury claim or if something goes wrong that affects neighbouring cottages, such as a burst pipe flooding not only your cottage, but also the one next door.

If you would like to arrange a consultation to learn more about how recreational cottage insurance is different and how to get the best option for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.